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Finally, you can leave the lab behind. With the combination of a touch enabled image atlas, powerful microscope viewer and board simulated exam module - this innovative iPad application will change the way you see and study dermatopathology.

Redefining education in dermatopathology.

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You are unique.

Your medical knowledge and clinical experience are yours alone. However, so much can be gained if we teach and learn from one another. In some ways, the viability of dermatology as a subspecialty relies upon it. The Clearpath Community strives to become a place where the images, slide cases and clinical experiences of each individual can be gathered and shared. We need your knowledge, spirit and support to make this work. I hope you'll join us!

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Joel Crockett, MD

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Help build our community and get free stuff, too! Clearpath is unveiling a new comprehensive archive of clinical images. We are seeking clinical images from dermatologists and residents. Each image selected will be credited to the contributor, and your name will be entered in a monthly raffle for iTunes gift cards and an annual iPad giveaway.

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